Crisp Apple

Discover our signature sparkling fruit juice! Crafted using premium wine-making methods, paired with our unique filtration system and carbonation process. The crisp, fresh flavour make this ideal for everyday enjoyment or toasting any occasion.


Orchard Pear

Savour the experience of an Okanagan orchard with our Orchard Pear sparkling juice. Using a perfectly balanced blend of our Crisp Apple base and natural pear essence, this refreshing beverage is a delight for the palate.



Fill your glass with the aroma of summer raspberries. Enjoy the essence of this favourite fruit, captured in our delicious Ripe Raspberry sparkling juice.

Fresh Peach

Experience one of the true pleasures of summer all year-round with our Fresh Peach sparkling juice. Ripe with the natural flavour and aroma of fresh Okanagan peaches, this delicious beverage is a delight for the senses, like fruit straight from the tree.

Wild Cherry

New for 2020!

This newly-reformulated version of our maraschino cherry variety is now less sweet and contains only natural colour and flavour. A delight for the nose and the taste buds!

100% BC Grown

Apple Essence beverages start with local Okanagan grown fruits, known to be some of the best in the world.